Writing a report-type assignment abroad

We have used the same block-size on all levels of the program the register blocking is achieved by loop unrolling to a depth of four, not by explicit loops. An informal report usually consists of Introduction Recommendations and reference Introduction: Another problem is that you do not get good cache line reuse when whole cache lines are exchanged between cache hits.

Reports should also include a conclusion followed by recommendations. Teachers are able to provide critical analysis because reports tell teachers to what degree a student understands a particular topic.

What Are the Types of Report Writing?

Then state the specific question or tasks arising from the problem that you will be dealing with. After the current C sub-matrix is completely computed, it is copied into the corresponding place in the C matrix.

Present your results in descending order of importance. We first tried to follow the examples found in the references, but that quickly turned into something more like the source code than a presentation of an algorithm. We have found that the performance of our program drops for even multiples of 32 larger than 64, but for 32 by 32 matrices we get our peak performance.

The informal report is generally more conversational in tone and typically deals with everyday problems and issues of an organization.

Present your findings clearly and briefly, in an appropriate method. Reports may be written for lay people, executives and experts in a field. We have used unrolling to a depth of four and 16 temporary doubles to store a 4 by 4 sub-matrix of C.

You should follow the format set by your company or course.

Sample assignments

Since this is an informal and a short report, this part does not need to be long. This report is shorter and informal than a formal report. Informal Report The purpose of an informal report is to inform, analyze and recommend. The main purpose of a report is to provide information to its readers.

Different types of report writing

We have tried to also unroll the innermost k loop but this did not give any extra performance. A report for academic purposes is usually written so that teachers can provide a critical analysis of what students are learning.

This figure depicts the cache blocking. This can really make a serious student feeling very sick as earlier achieved peak performances suddenly are impossible to duplicate We have used a block-size of The scheme is to maximize register reuse and minimize memory traffic.

This size was chosen after lots of empirical testing of different sizes around the size suggested by the formula in [IBM93] see the section Cache Blocking below. We are referring to small details like moving invariants out of loops, always precalculate loop conditions and such.

For more complex functions, you have to do it by hand. Recommendations section might not be needed unless it is requested. For small functions that do not call other functions, this can be done by the compiler. Carefully used, the overhead of block copying can be less than the performance drop of cache set interference.

In the innermost main-loop, we use 16 scalar temporary variables to hold values for a 4 by 4 sub-matrix of C we unroll both i and j with a depth of 4. You can use lists, tables, charts, etc.

However, our code supports one block-size for the cache blocking in the general function and another for the data-copying.Detailed instruction on writing essays, reports, and other types of assignment are given in the section on assignment types.

For the requirements common to most academic assignments, see the section on academic writing. FORMAT OF A REPORT Although, there is no set report writing format, however, there are general sections that should be included. Unlike essays, reports are written in sections with headings and sub-headings, which are usually numbered.

There are numerous possible formats available for writing a report, and it mostly depends on the context of topic. Home > Library > Study > Writing your assignment > How to write a report Report writing is an essential skill in many disciplines.

You should develop effective report writing skills at university because it’s highly likely you’ll be writing reports in the workplace. How to write a report Reports generally involve presenting your investigation and analysis of information or an issue, recommending actions and making proposals.

There are many different types of reports, including business, scientific and research reports, but the basic steps for writing them are the same. Types of assignments Your assignments will often be in the form of an essay or a report, but there are a number of other assignment types that you may have to do during your studies.

Below is an overview of the different assignment types you may encounter. Introduction This report covers an assignment on implementing a fast matrix multiplication subroutine on the IBM RS/ 25T. Aside from a variety of compiler optimizations, we have used matrix multiplication with scalar temporary variables, cache blocking, register blocking by loop unrolling, block copying and function inlining to improve performance.

Writing a report-type assignment abroad
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