Well hello there

You can see the quilting better from the back. The backing are Kaffe Fassett shot cottons so this quilt is soooo soft and snuggly. This is in response to an overuse of these captions in extremely low-effort ways during periods of high activity.

This rule has been made as a basic shit filter. I have a great Well hello there here and the creating is still going on.


Am I back for good? We are well settled now into our new home still on the Mornington Peninsula and love the views, sunrises and sunsets we see here. Users are encouraged to report violations regardless of the quality of any given post.

A house move, a wedding, two sons growing up and moving out of home oh that one is so hard. For those who have never met Millie, she is a Groodle part poodle part golden retriever and she keeps us well entertained with her antics.

Host images on the imgur domain. Well, that is about it for this post, so what have you all been up to for the past year?!!! This can be as simple as overlaying text. Try to be original.

Here at Cabbage Quilts headquarters Well hello there have had many changes over the past year or so. I have absolutely no idea!!! So why am I back now? All posted images must be modified in at least some way: Titles that are extremely "meme-y" will be obliterated unless the picture is too good to resist.

We will just see what happens. I used simple hand quilting with Valdani variegated thread in straight lines to finish this one. Tuesday, July 5, Well Hello There!

We still have Millie, funny dog that she is. Users are encouraged to report any violation of the rules. Images must be historic in nature, depicting humans or mythological humanoids.

It was gifted to my dear Mum. It is actually very freeing and satisfying. Captions and titles that involve ebonics completely unrelated to the image will result in immediate short-term suspensions, and deletion of the post.

As well as a few finishes Breaking the rules might not always result in deletion or a ban if the image is too good to resist, but following them will ensure it is not removed. But a clearly unmodified image of art with the caption in the title will be deleted as soon as a mod finds it.Oct 28,  · We can see you're using Adblocker.

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k Likes, 1, Comments - Loey Lane (@loeybug) on Instagram: “Well hello there to allof you! Thanks to my sweet pals over @tartecosmetics we’ve gained ”.

Well Hello There. likes. If you ever listened to BFBS UK with Tommy Vance then this is the page for you.

Willie Nelson - Funny How Time Slips Away Lyrics

Even better if you used to drink in The. Extremely annoying phrase that brown kids say constantly to annoy their friends. Click to shop Well Hello There art print: featuring a Jersey cow with a snowman - tempted by the snowman's carrot nose, she dares to venture getting close enough to say hello and maybe even snatch a bite to eat!

By rural American artist, Bonnie Mohr. Jul 05,  · So, what's been happening out there while I've been gone? Here at Cabbage Quilts headquarters we have had many changes over the past year or mi-centre.com: Cabbage Quilts.

Well hello there
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