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This paper will provide an objective and critical analysis of the subject by using information from various sources, such as news articles, opinions, and academic reports.

The prosecution described the incident as being geographically "close" to the riots. Questioned in the House of Commons, he said had spoken with the Metropolitan police commissioner and was satisfied that "everything possible was being done".

With the use of mobile phones and social media networks, word got around quickly and many masked, young people were quick to cash in on the chaos Euronews ; Smith These practices also seem Uk riots 2011 essay be related to racial stereotyping and discrimination, especially for blacks and Asians, and have caused significant resentment among certain groups of young people Riddell ; Lewis et al ; Smith The exception, and the one inquiry that stands out above all others, is that by Lord Justice Scarman into the Brixton riots in These included a year-old woman who suffered a broken hip in Hackney.

It can be argued that the stricter treatment of the police in certain areas and towards some groups is due to the high incidence of crime in these communities. Both took place while a Conservative prime minister grappled with the effects of global economic downturn and rising unemployment.

Some of the earliest postwar disturbances, in Nottingham and Notting Hill, London in the summer ofwere widely described as "race riots". The train operating company Southern later announced that trains were not stopping Uk riots 2011 essay many stations in south London.

Two of the officers were seriously injured and taken to hospital. Background Information on the English Riots The English riots were believed to have been triggered by a protest march in Tottenham, which was organised by the relatives and friends of Mark Duggan who was shot and killed by a police officer on August 4, Interviews with rioters revealed their deep-rooted antipathy and distrust towards the police.

2011 in the United Kingdom

As the police tried to exercise restraint during the subsequent rioting and looting — lest they be accused of more police brutality — the disturbances only increased as people thought that the police was incapable of stopping them. Both had created a strong sense — for those involved — of unity.

Go fight the government. Rioters say anger with police fuelled summer unrest. However, over the years, this has created a backlash among the members of these communities because they feel discriminated by the police.

This article is over 6 years old A glimpse of the future? The government mistakenly blamed social media such as Twitter and Facebook for the "viral" spread of the August riots. Looking back, a faster, more reactive, and stronger police intervention could have reduced the scale of rioting and looting Smith The media, government authorities, and academic community have posed several possible reasons as the main drivers behind the incident.

Tottenham in flames as riot follows protest. At that moment diaspora Muslims in the West became symbolic victims of a global mythology, caught in a spiral of alienation and ambivalent identifications that no local protestations of innocence could counter.

Their view was of a Manichean world order, sometimes phrased in religious terms as a battle between good and evil.

Old racist stereotypes die hard. Diasporas, whatever their origin, appear to be susceptible to being constructed as dangerous outsiders with loyalties beyond the nation-state. This resulted in looting, arson, robbery, violence, and injuries. Perhaps the memory of Scarman has been a factor in the official resistance to the establishment of anything similar this year.

A new kind of riot? From Brixton 1981 to Tottenham 2011

This was later followed by more rioting and looting at Tottenham Hale retail park. Such direct racial confrontation has been relatively uncommon; in recent times perhaps the closest parallel to those s events were the disturbances that occurred in the north of England in mid Scores of police officers were deployed in Uk riots 2011 essay to regain peace and stability in the affected areas.

In London, between Monday afternoon and the early hours of Tuesday, 14 people were injured by rioters. An undoubtedly significant technological development has been the rise of CCTV.

This paper aims to understand the riots from the context of the role and behaviour of the police before and during the event. Sheldon Thomas, a gang expert and youth worker who was involved in Brixton inremembers the problems of isolation and unemployment that his generation of young black people faced.

This was incited by the anger they felt regarding the police shooting of Mark Duggan.Diaspora in History: Reflections on 9/11 in the Aftermath of the Arab Spring and UK Riots, Pnina Werbner In my earlier essay posted on the SSRC website, 1 I spoke of the “tragic predicament of a diaspora caught between deeply felt loyalties, at an historical moment not of its own making.

From the original angle of specifically referencing criticism made during the UK riots, this essay discuses themes of Rap music’s influence amongst youth in Britain. The purpose of the thesis is to uncover any truth to these criticisms or the arguments made in defence of them.

The causes of the England riots both immediate and long-term have been the subject of media and academic debate. During the riots, on 9 AugustUK Home Secretary Theresa May said: "I think this is about sheer criminality.

That is what we have seen on the streets. The violence we've seen, the looting we've seen, the thuggery we've. Sociological reasons for UK Urban Riots Essay Why was a sociological perspective essential for understanding the UK urban riots of ? The UK urban riots of was a devastating event that occurred in London as well as cities and towns across the UK.

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