The 2011 nba lockout and its legal aspects

Can someone enlighten me on this? How long do they take? A related concept is the "disclaimer of interest," where the union formally terminates its right to represent the players. So, even if a court was bound by Brady, it could still determine that the players are able to bring a post-dissolution antitrust suit challenging the lockout, and that the lockout was illegal.

For more on that, click here. And, the owners fear that the players will bring an antitrust attack against whatever rules they put in place as part of their last, best offer.

There are multiple steps to decertification. Antitrust law is a particularly powerful weapon because it gives private plaintiffs treble damages--i. Although Obama has clearly stated that the government will not intervene, there is a rumor that when the players and owners do go to court, the FBI may choose to open up an investigation of their own.

Chronology[ edit ] July 1, The NLRB must verify the petition and then schedule an election. During the negotiations for a new NBA CBA inthe NBA players informed the owners that they believed the college draft, salary cap, and certain free agency restrictions would be subject to successful challenge under the antitrust laws after the expiration of the CBA.

Is it common practice for professional athletes to dissolve their unions? But scratch the surface and the similarities disappear.

NBA lockout: why was the pay deal refused and what happens next?

About Morrison, there are already a discussion whether he should be included or not in Talk: To use a non-antitrust example, you might recall the classic college football group boycottwhen all of the Notre Dame players agreed to refuse to play in the big game against Georgia Tech but Georgia Tech is one of the best offensive teams in the country!

To lower the shield and choose antitrust law, the players must end the collective bargaining relationship. The first two weeks of the regular season canceled. No, during the season, the players voted to authorize the NBPA to disclaim interest.

Lockouts can occur before or after a bargaining impasse has been reached.

The NBA Lockout and its Marketing Effects

Though Stern did not say which franchises would lose money, it is presumed that the small-market teams — such as the Indiana Pacers or Denver Nuggets — suffer more because, unlike the NFL, the NBA does not have revenue sharing. So, if Ikaika Alama-Francis had been one of the named plaintiffs, the case would have been Alama-Francis v.The lockout lasted days and led to the cancellation of regular season games and the NBA All-Star Game.

Talk:2011 NBA lockout

When the lockout finally ended in Januarythe. Jan 25,  · The lockout put more pressure on the players to settle. The other major legal framework for the basketball negotiations was the Supreme Court’s ruling in Brown v. Pro Football, Inc., 7 Open this footnote Close this footnote 7 U.S. (). Open this footnote Close which recognized players’ limited right to sue in mi-centre.comr: Stanford Law School.

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The Legal Issues Behind the NBA Players' Decertification Strategy

NBA lockout. This is a recently developing story in NBA, and I wish to expand this article, if possible. Thanks! Please fix Stub/C Class article template.

Expand as far and wide as possible, and put references. Maybe this could lead to something that helps Thanks. You are free to. What about the NBA's lawsuit in NY? In August, the NBA filed a declaratory judgment action in NY, asking a court to declare, among other things, that the lockout was legal and that the NBPA's potential disclaimer tactic should be rejected as a sham.

Nov 27,  · The deal was forged by the possibility of a cancellation, the feared loss of billions of dollars for the league and its players, and, perhaps, by the uncertainty created by the looming legal .

The 2011 nba lockout and its legal aspects
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