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It is observed every year in our school. The Secretary and the Headmaster of the school received him warmly at the gate. Then an opening song was sung. The joy of the prize-winners is indeed very great. The day has a special significance for the students and teachers.

The Headmaster called out the names of the Prize winners, on by one, from the lowest class.

On this happy day prizes are given in a meeting.

March 20,is the 45th anniversary of National Ag Day. Another song was sung and then the meeting was over.

Essay on Prize day at our School

The other prizes were given to those who showed skill in games, sports and recitation. Student life is also a life full of study. The day of the ceremony became a festival for the locality. Speech of the President When the prize-giving was over, some of the gentlemen present delivered speeches.

This seemed to be a dry thing, and the student did not take much interest in it. Prizes were awarded to the students for regular attendance, for general proficiency, for excellence in sports, etc.

The District Magistrate was to preside. Prizes are distributed among several students who have achieved excellence in different respects in that year. I think the ceremony took place this year, was the most interesting and successful with various types of events.

He adored the winners and told others not to be disheartened. The prize-giving ceremony and annual sports thus play an important role in bringing the refreshment among students and the teachers as well.

The prize day of our school was a grand success.

Conclusion When the President finished his speech, a member of the Managing Committee thanked him for taking the trouble of presiding over the function. After this some of the boys recited selected poems, both English and Bengali. Our sample award presenter speeches include much valuable advice on writing and delivering a speech.

Many guardians of the students and many respectable gentlemen attended the meeting. The meeting started with an opening chorus by the students.

He then advised the boys to improve their health by exercise and games. The hall was also nicely decorated with green leaves, flags. The winners came to the dais to receive prizes from the Chief Guest one by one.

The prize day is the happiest day to us in our school life. A dais was erected in front of our school and was decorated with colorful flowers. When this was done, the Secretary read the annual report of the school. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chief Guest and others.

Some of them recited very nicely. Bose, the Editor of a newspaper, was invited as the Chief Guest. Through this ceremony, students become fresh minded and ready to study.This year the prize giving was held on the 1 st March last.

In the morning of that day we were very busy decorating the school building.

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Prize giving day essay
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