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But he still buys me some things that I want. I just think he is the best dad anybody could wish for. He never gives up and he helps me in any way he can.

My Hero Best Friend My Daddy

Tarpeh 4 years ago I love my daddy, he is a wonderful person in my life. He helps me and teaches me right from wrong. He will always love the family and that is why he is such a loving father.

Thank you for your donation. He tries his best to bring me out to countries that I want to go because it gives me more experience on other countries. However, sometimes he loves to lay in the hammock all day and just do nothing!

My father my hero and my best friend. Dad says that he started visiting the globe when he was a college student. He takes good care of me and that is why he wants me to eat vegetables and other healthy stuff.

My Dad is My Hero " The child is father of the man. It was one of the best decisions I have made.

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He is the man who understand me more than I understand my self. He is 47 years old.

My Father, My Heroes, My Loves

Thank you Lord for giving me a wonderful dad. He is a very loving father, and I enjoy the times when he plays with me a lot. I am always his little girl. But at the same time he has gifted me many things that I always wish to have.

He tries his best to make money for the family. He is my hero for reasons like he is a loving father.


Than just the other day he realized that he had made a huge mistake and asked me for his forgiveness and I forgave him. He has showed me the opportunities that exist in front of me.

My father wears glasses that have brown frames outlining the lens. He has taught me to swim. He sends clothes to poor people in Mexico. When I was at the age of 10 I took my first flight to Sydney. He is very good in math, and he encourages me to speak Chinese every Tuesday and Thursday.

Most importantly what he gave me was his undying love. It is because of his grace I perform well in studies. My daddy is a loving and caring father and he is going to teach me gymnastics. So when I think about my father there is only one word that can describe who my father was to me growing up and who he still is to me today, that word is my HERO.

He works hard to make money for our family. He has taught me what life is all about. Till date I have won many swimming championships. We are both big Cincinnati Reds fans because we use to live there and I was born there. He will do anything for me. My dad will always help others and I will help them.Caitlin Ezzell from Laguna Beach, CA, "My hero is my dad because he is special to me.

My dad is an artist, and an athlete; he is very quick at sports. However, sometimes he loves to lay in the hammock all day and just do nothing! My Father, My Hero My father has been a biggest effect In my life.

It will take many papers for me to write about his great personality. He is a bravely, kindness and caring father. My father, my hero My father, my hero Free SVG, EPS, DXF & PNG files.

Description. The free cut files include one (1).zip file with: 1 SVG file - For Cricut Explore, Silhouette Designer Edition, Adobe Suite, Inkspace, Corel Draw and more.

Throughout my life, my father has been a stable, loving presence, supporting and guiding me through my trials and tribulations, sharing in my triumphs, and being a shining example of how a man should act at all times and in all situations. My Hero Best Friend My Daddy that word is my HERO.

Daddy, I want you to know you will always and forever be my HERO! I couldn't have asked for a better, more understanding and loving father. by Polokwane 4 years ago I love my father even though he was never there to raise me up since my family wouldn't let him to raise me, but I am /5(1K).

My Father, My Heroes, My Loves As a child, I had always looked to my father as a hero. To me, he was strong enough to take on an army one handed, tall enough to reach for the moon and give it to me, and wise enough to know everything about everything.

My father my heroes my loves
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