Keeping the moon by sarah dessen

I stood there, at the side of the road, and watched as she got on her bike, beginning to pedal slowly downhill toward home. Later on, Colie discovers that the ugly girl was really Isabel, proving that she and Isabel have something in common.

Major themes[ edit ] Publishers Weekly claimed that Colie "[learns] some pretty important lessons about friendship and learning to love herself". When Colie meets Isabel and Morgan, the two waitresses that work at the Last Chance grill in town, she learns what having girlfriends is like for the first time.

She was standing right beside me, with her bike; there was a shiny chrome toaster—priced to sell at four dollars—wedged in the basket. She met two girls that she thought she could trust, especially after her past came to haunt her. I took a deep breath, not even sure what words I would say, how I would begin.

In this novel Nicole Sparks, who goes by the nickname Colie, goes to spend the summer with eccentric Aunt Mira in the small beach town of Colby. I know I work in my own way.

She finds the strength to finally "let it go" and realizes that she always had it in her to be the person she always hoped she was. When she asks who it is, Isabel quickly says it is her cousin.

She has been friends with Isabel since high school and they are very close. They also praised the "unexpected pearls of wisdom". The novel comes to an end: I stepped between her and the blue clone, and she stepped back, surprised, then remembered who I was: She makes cards that are for people that have lost their loved ones.

Funny, sweet and real. More than anything, though, she met a boy thought to be as crazy as her aunt by all of the people in town. Laughing at the same parts, anticipating the same things and loving all the characters.

He lives with Mira and Colie because he has nowhere to go.Keeping The Moon By Sarah Dessen Major and Minor Characters Major: Nicole "colie" Katharine "kiki" Mira Norman Morgan Isabel General Summary Kiki and Colie Sparks start the book off by being overweight and struggling not only economically, but.

Keeping The Moon

Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Keeping the Moon Colie was always outcasted for being overweight, but when she lost a lot of weight, she earned a reputation that she did not deserve. The summer after her freshman year of high school, Colie decided to visit her crazy aunt in a small town.

Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen is a pretty good book. It's interesting and clever and funny. It teaches a few worthwhile lessons and it has a good, satisfying ending that you leaves you feeling glad that you read it. Definitely worth your time/5().

Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen is a realistic fiction, and young adult story about a girl named Colie who has trouble making friends because she has never had any. Being overweight when she was younger didn’t help the situation.

A few years later, when Colie got slim, everyone at school still hates her/5. Keeping the Moon is an award-winning novel by author Sarah Dessen. Keeping the Moon is an ALA Best Book for Young Adults, an ALA Quick Pick and an SLJ Best Book of the Year.

In this novel Nicole Sparks, who goes by the nickname Colie, goes to spend the summer with eccentric Aunt Mira in the small beach town of Colby. Colby is where Along for the Ride and The Moon and More take place.

In Sarah’s Words

Things Edit. None Sarah's Words from Sarahland Edit. Keeping the Moon was the last book I wrote while working at the Flying Burrito, and because of that it is thick in all of my best waitress stuff.

I think I got a lot more confident working there, and I wanted to use that experience to .

Keeping the moon by sarah dessen
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