Getco bangladesh business plan

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Business plan in bangladesh

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10 Small Business Ideas for Students in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, these business ideas can be utilized because the demand for these goods and services are always at high. This is not hard work. It will give you an opportunity to distribute knowledge, practice and gain new knowledge, and earn money as well.

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Though students spend most of their time for study purpose; some have started their businesses and done well. Photoshop is layer based Graphics making tool where Illustrator is Vector based art tool. You need to acquire business knowledge, write a business plan, and develop experience of the related field if possible before utilizing any of these ideas.

It also does not take much time to conduct.Delta Partners Group, a global telecom, media and digital (TMD) advisory and investment firm, has advised edotco on its strategic partnership with Bangladesh-based conglomerate Getco.

Getco, at Bangladesh-based conglomerate is now a 30% shareholder and strategic partner of edotco Bangladesh, an integrated telecommunications infrastructure services company in Bangladesh. Find business plan in bangladesh now. We have 72 ads under services for business plan in bangladesh, from, and 7 other sites.

Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Limited(GETCO) was set up in May and is registered under the companies Act, In a short span of existence, GETCO BSL Customer has lined up entire range of services in Bangladesh.

Inbound call center, outbound call center, data management, customer support etc. are provided from GETCO BSL based in the heart of Dhaka. Revolutionizing the IT training and education landscape, GETCO has partnered with NIIT,a global leader in skills and talent development, established GETCO NIIT Centre of Excellence in Bangladesh.

The first of its mi-centre.comd to the vision of Digital Bangladesh, the GETCO NIIT Centre of Excellence will offer array of programs in Digital Transformation to create a manpower pool trained in futuristic technologies.

Getco bangladesh business plan
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