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Feminism Is for Everybody

For me, identifying with feminism was a very long process; I think I was always feminist really, but there was a long period of education and thinking and reading to really understand what it was all about before I was able to begin thinking of myself as a feminist.

It should draw in people who might not have otherwise considered feminism important and relevant to their lives, and if they find it compelling and if they really care, they will read further and find out more, and perhaps eventually become deeply involved in feminism.

As long as females take up the banner of feminist politics without addressing and transforming their own sexism, ultimately the movement will be undermined. In the introduction, hooks gives some idea who the right reader is—the right moment is the moment at which someone is willing to seriously and honestly consider something that person had previously overlooked or avoided.

I love that it was written by bell hooks, who has been very critical of racist and classist elements of mainstream feminism, and continues to be so here.

Feminism is for Everybody

She points out that despite their professional success, many working class women still struggle in the capitalist system that benefits a small number of middle class feminists. Her work in feminist theory has been groundbreaking, yet it is often limited to academic, literary, and other elite circles.

So, if I reframe it in those terms, can the book accomplish that? Of course, the book was published inwhich means it Feminism is for everybody essay probably written inwhen this internet thing, while certainly a cultural force, was very far from being what it is today.

As with class privilege, hooks sharply critiques white women who have empowered themselves at the expense of women of color. It is also interesting to note that the beneficiaries of feminist movement have by far been white women. On the other hand, it has gone some way toward counteracting the physical distances that separate people, and for many, it can be less intimidating than trying to meet people in person.

I love that she presents feminism not as a monolith, but as a series of struggles, some internal and some external. As I wrote above, I really just want to take it and hand it out to everyone who goes around saying things that betray awful misunderstandings of feminism or internalized sexism and racism.

To that end, she has written an easy to read, concise book which documents her experiences as a feminist activist and academic. And to me, really understanding something requires a long period of engagement with it. I love the historical perspective that it provides.

I love the introduction, in which hooks explains that she wanted this book to exist, so she wrote it, and in which she explains why she wanted to write the book, and for whom. The critique of the changes in feminist movement structure lead to a critique of classism and racism within feminist movement.

After all, it would be rash and foolish to call myself something without a good idea of what it really means, who else is using this label, how people think of it, and so on.

She is also quick to point out that many middle class feminists benefit financially from the exploitation of working class women who, in theory, are their sisters in feminist struggle.

We will not know how to love our bodies as ourselves.Feminism is for everybody, there is a reason that Bell Hooks titles her book this. She is trying to challenge the misconceptions of feminism, which include that feminism is only about equal rights and that feminism is only for and.

In Feminism is for Everybody, hooks introduces a popular theory of feminism rooted in common sense and the wisdom of her own personal experience.

In my opinion, hooks’ book is perfectly poised to become THE OFFICIAL “handbook” or “cliff notes” to feminism. Although it’s short, Feminism is for Everybody is powerful. hooks, bell. ed., Feminism Is For Everybody Passionate Politics (South End Press, 7 Brookline Street, #1, Cambridge, MA ).

Feminism is for everybody is a political book that addresses the ideas of women's rights as a whole entire gender as well as individually. The book also ties the Civil Rights Movement as a catalyst for a feminist. Feminism is for Everybody The following paragraphs are an excerpt from a paper written about the political and social theories of bell hooks.

These sections focus specifically on her newest book, Feminism is for Everybody. Throughout her works, hooks maintains a firm belief in the accessibility of the theory she seeks to situate within society.

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Join now to read essay Feminism Is for Everybody bell hooks is one of the most prominent and well respected feminist academics and authors in the United States. She is often the subject of study by college students and academics, as well as a frequent guest on talk shows and other mass media/5(1).

Feminism is for everybody essay
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