Ethical dilemma in blood diamond

The Ethical Issues in the Movie - Blood Diamond

Diamonds were critical for the survival of the RUF, which traded them for weapons. These diamonds are smuggled and sold by the rebel and terrorists in Africa to businessmen out of Africa to get money for financing their revolution to the government during the Africa civil war.

Another thing is, the children are exposed to violent acts such as smashing a car, shooting a gun, and also to drugs and alcohol. Human Rights Dialogue, Spring Initiatives—and Responsibilities—in Stopping Harmful Trading Practices Property Rights and the Resource Curse Leif Wenar, Sheffield University In a series of four articles, Wenar discusses how consumers in rich countries unknowingly buy goods unrightfully seized from citizens of poor countries, and what can be done about it.

Solomon discovers a large diamond at the mine and buries it. The movie shows viewers how these children are transformed from goods boys into brainwashed, numbed and unfeeling soldiers which is a really sad thing. The RUF used an estimated 10, child soldiers to wage its violent war. However, viewers are shown how the behaviour of Danny Archer changes as the movie progresses.

Andrews Watson looks at the plight of children affected by conflict and argues that their interests should be represented in peace-making processes.

Ethics on Film: Discussion of

The children minds are also poisoned with praise. When, if ever, is intervention justified, and who decides?

What is the responsibility of the international community to intervene in countries such as Sierra Leone? The plot of the story starts when the RUF attacks the town where the main character; Solomon, and his family live, and starts shooting civilians. Crossin critiques the international diamond certification process that seeks to eliminate conflict diamonds.

After many dramatic and violent twists and turns, Archer finally sides with Solomon against his evil boss, Solomon is reunited with his family, including his son, and Maddy gets her story.

Although the film may have raised consciousness for a while, the NPR program of quotes a retailer and a human rights activist who both agree that its effects will soon wear off.

She and Solomon travel to the Kimberley Conference in South Africa, where representatives from major diamond trading and producing countries have gathered to discuss solutions to the blood diamond problem and where Solomon will give eyewitness testimony.

This was a real conference that convened in May of and led to the Kimberley Process Certification Schemewhich was implemented in Most of the young boys and the men are captured.

Do you think that this can work for other industries where abuses exist? He helps Solomon to unite with his son; Dia. The captured boys who are innocent at first are beaten and brainwashed by the RUF.Question 1: The Ethical Issues in the Movie.

The “Blood Diamond” movie is all about the diamonds known as conflict diamonds or blood diamonds which are used to finance civil/rebel wars in Africa.

Against this historical backdrop, Blood Diamond, set in Sierra Leone intells the story of the intersecting lives of Danny Archer, an Anglo ex-mercenary from Zimbabwe, Solomon Vandy, a fisherman from Sierra Leone, and Maddy Bowen, a American reporter. The film begins with an RUF raid of Solomon's village.

What this definition leaves out is large numbers of diamonds that are tainted by violence, human rights abuses, poverty, environmental degradation, and other issues.

World Diamond Council When Maddy Bowen accuses Danny Archer of helping to prolong the conflict in Sierra Leone by his smuggling activities, Archer says that the American appetite for inexpensive diamond jewelry is just as much to blame. Ethical Issue Analysis: Blood Diamond Analysis Tammy Hanna Virginia Commonwealth University EDLP Spring, ETHICAL ISSUE ANALYSIS As a revolution unfolds creating war within a country [like Sierra Leone in the s], the setting is ripe for a crop of ethical issues, casting both light and darkness, to emerge.5/5(4).

Introduction The following essay will examine ethical issues addressed through the movie “Blood Diamond”. The two main issues identified and discussed are; child soldiers and conflict diamonds.

Ethical dilemma in blood diamond
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