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But, thankfully, this was one program that the Republicans, and Southern Democrats, managed to kill. His willingness to tackle this explosive issue, and to do so during wartime, reflects well on him and speaks well of the American system.

The worst case scenario in terms of our own national security is that the Soviet Union would have conquered all David mcculloughis essay Europe and we would have been faced once again with an implacable enemy in control of the whole continent. Not only did his stubborn refusal to take this matter seriously aid and abet such spying.

This was due in large part to the fact that most of the nations of Western Europe adopted or retained Socialism, of varying degrees. The post-Cold War boom and the end of such seemingly intractable conflicts as those in South Africa, the Middle East, Central America, and the Middle East, argue eloquently that the human costs of the Cold War must be measured in terms of forty years of squandered economic opportunity, societal stagnation and wasteful regional conflicts.

They seem willing to trample every boundary of the civil society in order to get back at their "enemies" and accomplish personal goals. Hardly anyone, except the most unreconstructed Leftist, will honestly argue that the Reagan defense buildup and policy of aiding rebels within Soviet spheres of influence was not a precipitating influence on the final collapse of the Soviet regime.

It might have taken an extra thirty or fifty years, but it would have happened eventually. This is hardly surprising given the overwhelmingly Left Wing bias of the intellectual class, who after all dominate academia, but it should make us extremely suspicious of these caricatures.

More importantly, we must ask what our money bought. Sure, you could cow the French, but imagine trying to round up and disarm the remnants of the German Army.

The United States, David M. In the event, Truman not only left the existing programs intact, he proposed a myriad of new goodies. I think the answer is simple: Stripped of fifty years of rhetorical excess and self-righteous preening, the success of the Marshall Plan is clearly more problematic than historians and politicians will admit.

In terms of effectiveness and cost, the Cold War dragged on for forty years while millions died or were sent to the Gulag. We have had several Presidents in the past century who nurtured personal hatreds for their rivals and opponents, and each of them has committed horrendous civil rights abuses.

In the second, he acted out of palpable hatred of the Steel magnates. Just three questions of any real moment faced the new President: There would still have been no way for the Russians to actually threaten the physical territory of the US.

Measured by this standard, he gets a very mixed grade. How does McCullough handle all of these issues and how do they contribute to his final assessment of Truman?

For McCullough it almost always suffices that Truman was a good man and that he was trying hard, he seldom examines the eventual results of his decisions except in totally conventional institutional terms.

Beyond being the first President to address the NAACP, integrating the Armed Forces and proposing major civil rights legislation including an anti-lynching lawhe also proposed paying the claims of Japanese Americans, who had disgracefully been interned by FDR during the War, and his support for the newborn State of Israel redounds to his credit, particularly in a time when anti-Semitism was still prevalent.

Similarly, he seems to have refused to take the infiltration of the US Government by Communist spies seriously, simply because he loathed men like McCarthy. The fact that his political opponents sought to make hay out of these scandals does not justify his stubborn refusal to deal with the problems.

Truman, for his part, besides his ill considered desire to maintain price and wage controls after the War, his senseless confrontations with men like MacArthur and his genuinely contemptible willingness to misuse the Congress and to run a patently false campaign against it, did such things as create a Loyalty Oath program, not because he believed that the government harbored subversives, but purely to get out from under the political issue.Full text of "Principles of the economic philosophy of society, government and industry" See other formats.

David McCullough's Truman is an excellent case in point.

Perhaps no leader of a world power has ever taken the reigns at quite such an advantageous time as did Harry S Truman. Bywhen Roosevelt finally died, the war with Germany was in it's final stages and the atomic bomb was nearly ready, so the war with Japan was inevitably mi-centre.com: David Mccullough.

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David mcculloughis essay
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