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With the increase in production of mobile devices and services as international market in recent years, according to the triple play of telecom, entertainment and IT convergence the global telecommunication market is growing and changing.

Introduction In this chapter an introduction of thesis is provided. These Relationships can exist between the organization and its customers, and also between the organization and other organizations and stakeholders. The goal of this research is to prove the association which exists between relationship marketing strategies and firms market performance.

Literature Review The further backward you can look the farther forward you are likely to see Winston Churchill This chapter is based on the introduction given lately and the research problem presented in chapter one also the previous studies that have been done within these constructs.

Iran latest telecommunication statistics Table 2. Helander and Hirvonen Figure 2. The first was realizing the importance of relationships gradually, initially in service marketing and partly in industrial marketing.

MASTER'S THESIS. The Impact of Customer Relationship Marketing on Market Performance

The simplest form of a relationship is when the customer has purchased from the same service provider at least twice. The chapter begins with a background concerning the research area which also shows the study s importance, followed by problem discussion, which guides the reader to the research purpose and the research questions.

Toivo, 18 20 According to Gronroos and Liljander and Strandvikthere was a paradigm shift in services marketing. At the end of this chapter the frame of references will be presented Relationship Marketing Theory According to the literature, there are numbers of conceptual studies have been done on Relationship Marketing theory and strategy Relationship Marketing Formation Berry was the first one who used the term relationship marketing in ; it will be indicated that early attempts to formulate a general theory of marketing already included a relationship perspective.

This research involved collecting data from Iranian Telecommunication managers of telecommunication companies to understand the relationship exists between attraction and loyalty programs Bonus-Contact-Satisfaction and complaint with market performance of the companies and the market performance is measured by market position, customer perception about the firm and customer s loyalty.

Problem Discussion Despite different types of Relationship Marketing and business Relationships, I want to distinguish if there is a significant relationship between relationship marketing programs and Iranian Telecommunication organizations market performance.

This is the only way that a company can obtain a permanent competitive advantage and as a result ensure its own survival and growth. ITU Publications, Why Relationship Marketing Building relationships with customers and suppliers was necessary for a company during the past few years, concentrating their marketing with focusing on their important customers and suppliers, whom they must develop in order to build long-lasting relations.

The findings suggest that the effect of attraction and loyalty programs are greater than service quality on market performance, Furthermore, This means that, loyalty and interaction programs are more influential on companies awareness and penetration in the market market position.

In this study Attraction in industrial market is measured by Service quality. The process of developing customer-firm relationships starts when the firm invests in activities directed towards attracting customers and positioning on the market.

Buzzell and Gale in Profit impact of market strategy PIMS state that companies that offer superior service can charge eight percent more for their products and also achieving above average market share growth.

Attraction creating relationships ; loyalty developing relationships ; 24 26 Interaction maintaining relationships ; As Izduierdo et al.

Relationships between customers and business firms have been consistently encouraged as successful business practices worldwide. Finally the structure of the thesis is presented Background World Telecommunication and Iran Telecommunication market also industry and relationship marketing will be discussed.

Following these arguments, we can propose that the value created by relationship marketing with customers will be reflected in market performance. The proposed hypotheses are tested in the case of telecommunication service firms, where long-term relationship is needed. Chapter five, the final chapter, presents a discussion of theoretical and practical implication of results.

Complex Network Reality of Marketing Sources: In this context I want to understand which of these relational activities has significant relationship with market performance.MASTER'S THESIS Customer Relationship Management Jens Berfenfeldt Luleå University of Technology the excitement about relationship marketing soon disappeared once again as it was “Customer Relationship Management is a term for the methodologies, technologies and e.

Kharouf, H. () Relationship marketing: an evaluation of trustworthiness within the Jordanian hotel sector. Unpublished PhD Thesis. Coventry: Coventry University. Relationship Marketing: An Evaluation of Trustworthiness Within the Jordanian Hotel Sector.

accepted importance to relationship marketing, there appears to be a. RELATIONSHIP MARKETING REGARDING THE FASHION INDUSTRY Trust, Commitment and Communication Authors: Karin Cademan, Marketing programme Jessica Frendberg, Marketing programme. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a method for managing an organization’s connections with present and potential clients.

It requires making use of technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer. MASTER'S THESIS The Impact of Customer Relationship Marketing on Market Performance - a study among Iranian telecommunication service providers Pantea Pezeshkan Jalili Luleå University of Technology.

The Effect of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Concept Adoption on Customer Satisfaction – Customers Perspective The Case of Coastal Municipalities Water Utility CMWU- Rafah Branch RM Relationship Marketing RS Relationship Share UCC Uncommitted Customers.


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