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In fact, this has been long-known in the grid computing community. The Wigan architecture is introduced in this thesis, firstly by describing the BitTorrent algorithms and then by discussing how these algorithms must be modified for use in a database system.

The Research Group of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation Provide a platform for collaborative research efforts in the areas of computer benchmarking and quantitative system analysis Provide metrics, tools and benchmarks for evaluating early prototypes and research results as well as full-blown implementations Foster interactions and collaborations btw.

If the Alexandru iosup thesis proves popular, the server may become overloaded, leading to clients experiencing an increase in query response time. Although many architectures are possible for IPTV video distribution, several chunkdri While it is often stated that the observed peer-level performance by BitTorrent clients is high, it is difficult to accurately verify this claim due Alexandru iosup thesis the large scale, distributed and dynamic nature of this P2P system.

This project is a sequel to the VL-e project see below on resource management, e-Science applications, workflows and data management in large-scale distributed computing systems such as clouds.

It is therefore crucial to understand the relation between underlay and overlay networks and to characterize the behavior of real users with regard to the Internet. Much like measuring the Internet, the complexity and scale of the BitTorrent network make a single, complete measurement impractical.

Although many architectures are possible for IPTV video distribution, several chunkdriven P2P architectures have been successfully deployed in the Internet. A detailed protocol analysis of Skype was presented in [39] and Skype traffic pattern reported in [13] differs fundam Most of the presentations and slideshows on PowerShow.

Further extensions to the Wigan architecture are discussed in this thesis, including possible means of handling data updates. Jan David Mol Postdoc: Epema, Henk Sips " Or use it to upload your own PowerPoint slides so you can share them with your teachers, class, students, bosses, employees, customers, potential investors or the world.

One of the clusters is located at TU Delft. KOALA is our research vehicle for research in scheduling and resource management in multicluster systems, grids, and clouds. Through a simple service, Shakespeare, the authors introduce the core concepts of running a workflow, which is essentially a collection of IT tasks that have inter-dependencies, in the datacenter.

This rather disparate collection of notions is very useful, explained for the laymen but still with enough technical content to be interesting even for the expert practitioner or academic. The purpose of this archive is to facilitate the design, validation, and comparison of fault-tolerant models and algorithms.

A Measurement Study by Amir H.

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Our results show that the probability of experiencing certain level of performance has a roughly uniform distribution across the entire range of observed values. Database systems have traditionally used a Client-Server architecture, where clients send queries to a database server.

We have also collected extensive packet traces for various different measurement scenarios, including both campus access network and residential access networks. In the domain of file-sharing, the problem of server overloading has been successfully addressed by the use of Peer-to-Peer P2P techniques in which users peers supply files — or pieces of files — to each other.

Virtual Laboratory for e-Science In the Dutch national project Virtual Lab for e-Science VL-ewe focus on resource management, scheduling, and performance analysis in grids.

In particular, we designed and implemented the flocking mechanism in Condor for load sharing and job migration across different Condor pools, in cooperation with the main designer of the Condor system, Miron Livny of the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Or use it to find and download high-quality how-to PowerPoint ppt presentations with illustrated or animated slides that will teach you how to do something new, also for free. The project has seven partners in Finland, Hungary, and the Netherlands. Show Context Citation Context Condor In this project on grid computing, we focused on resource management across multiple sites.

We then investigate the sampling among fifteen long-term BitTorrent measurements completed between andand find that different data sources and measurement techniques can lead to significantly different measurement results. In particular, we currently focus on scheduling data-intensive frameworks such as MapReduce and workflow scheduling.

Abstract—The observed performance by individual peers in BitTorrent can be simply measured by their average down-load rate.

Its main original feature was processor co-allocation, but it supports now many more application types, such as Bags-of-Tasks, workflows, and MapReduce applications. Real-world IP applications such as Peer-to-Peer filesharing are now able to benefit from network and location awareness.

For VoIP, two measurement studies of Skype are available [13] and [39]. You can use PowerShow. We analyze and correlate these measurements to provide new insights into the topology, the connectivity, and the path characteristics of the Internet parts underlying P2P networks, as well as to present unique information on the BitTorrent throughput and connectivity.

We have developed a dedicated PPLive crawler, which enables us to study the global characteristics of the chunk-driven PPLive system.

Overall, palatable material, but spread too thin and with too much much overlap with prior related work of a decade ago, especially academic, and not much new insight.Aleksandar Milenkoski, Alexandru Iosup, Samuel Kounev, Kai Sachs, Piotr Rygielski, Jason Ding, Walfredo Cirne, and Florian Rosenberg.

Cloud Usage Patterns: A Formalism for Description of Cloud Usage Developer at SAP Innovation Center. Alexandru Iosup and Dick Epema. An Experience Report on Using Gamification in Technical Higher Education, ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education SIGCSEMarch, Atlanta, GA, USA.

Alexandru Iosup and Dick Epema. An Experience Report on Using Gamification in Technical Higher Education, In the ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE ), March, Atlanta, GA, USA. Alexandru IOSUP Supervisors: In this thesis mobile robotics challenges are investigated from the perspective of parallel computing, with some degrees of remote and Grid computing.


This chapter discusses the relevance of such an investigation and introduces a problem statement. IEEE Cloud Computing is committed to the timely publication of peer-reviewed articles that provide innovative research ideas, applications results, and case studies in all areas of cloud computing.

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