A personal non intelligent opinion on same sex marriages

This finding confirms that civil unions are significantly more palatable than gay marriage for younger as well as older Americans.

Public opinion of same-sex marriage in the United States

For a number of years, there has been a contentious public debate in the United States on homosexuality and, more recently, same-sex marriage.

We also know from the research literature that consistent differences exist between people based on their particular religious tradition or affiliation. The survey was funded by the Arcus Foundation, an organization that champions the rights of gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual persons.

Changing Attitudes on Gay Marriage

As had been the case sincethere remained a wide partisan division. January 10th, Senior citizens are A personal non intelligent opinion on same sex marriages likely to support same-sex marriage than younger Americans, but that does not mean that they are anti-gay.

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Mark Regan, a policy analyst with the FRC said: Indeed, public schools in recent years have been much more likely to utilize curricula in support of favorable rather than unfavorable attitudes toward homosexuality and gay marriage. Thus, gay marriage would not only bring the social benefits of more stable relationships to gays; it would also help end much of the ignorance, confrontationalism, and social stigmata--and thus the ostracism, brutal violence, and self-loathing--associated with homosexuality today.

What is important is their love and desire to live together in a committed lifelong relationship. The poll found that opposition to same-sex marriage had fallen slightly, as other polls found a sharper dip. Research consistently confirms that the elderly are much more likely than the young to attend religious services and report that religion is important in their lives.

The margin of error was 1. We live in an era in which tolerance has progressed beyond a mere call for acceptance and crossed over to become a demand for the rest of us to give up beliefs that we revere and hold most dear in order to prove our collective purity. It is unwarranted and irresponsible to interpret opposition to same-sex marriage as a proxy for being anti-gay.

This will raise anxiety levels and make children more self-conscious and afraid. The survey was conducted on a demographically representative survey of 1, U. Americans age 65 and older grew up in a time when they simply did not have to contend with the issue of gay marriage.

The fact that Millennials are twice as likely as senior citizens to support same-sex marriage provides important evidence of a generation gap on this hot-button issue. However, they are not typical of Utah residents: Most young Americans between the ages of 18 to 29 have been exposed to the issue of gay marriage throughout their adolescence and young adulthood.

This marked the first Gallup poll where a majority of Protestants supported same-sex marriage. Further, the GSS has asked the following question for almost four decades: Second, it is also possible that religion has had something to do with the apparent generation gap when it comes to the issue of support for same-sex marriage.

In contrast, only 31 percent of senior citizens age 65 and older report favoring same-sex marriage. There is no empirical evidence to suggest that senior citizens are anti-gay.

There is indeed a significant gap in support of same-sex marriage when one compares all Millennials to all senior citizens. Millennials and older Americans actually respond in much the same way when asked another question about homosexuality.

Within six days, the letter had received comments posted by readers. The world could then be a better place if we all just accept our differences and move on instead of shaming people for not being the same.

Several other questions on the BRS shed additional light by asking questions on homosexuality as well as gay marriage. Perhaps the striking difference between the views of the young and the elderly on gay marriage is merely a function of the fact that Millennials are much more likely to be exposed to homosexuals or have homosexual acquaintances than senior citizens are.

But does the PRRI survey, as well as other recent national surveys, provide data actually supporting such a conclusion? Those that do are probably more interested in attacking gays than protecting marriage. However, when one looks at the views of Evangelicals toward same-sex marriage—a group estimated to be million strong—a considerably different picture emerges.

However, on the question of a constitutional amendment, more were opposed than for it.My Opinion on Gay Marriage. December 19, By Joeysp2 SILVER, I support same sex marriage and rights along with many others in this world.

Its natural as any other marriages. Being. In the bible there are many scriptures that back up my opinion on marriage, and none of the scriptures say same sex marriage is okay. and to remove from Tom and Shane’s shared home any personal belongings that Tom’s family determined had belonged to Tom [tags: Homosexual Marriage] Research Papers Same-sex marriages affect.

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Should the state of Kentucky recognize same-sex marriages? Should gay marriage be legal nationwide? As for my personal belief, do what you want, as long as all parties involved give consent and you don't force others.

Gay marriage is one of the most controversial issues in the modern world. For the past thousand years, marriage has been recognized as the social union between a man and a woman. In most cultures across the globe, homosexuality was viewed with disdain, and marriages between same-sex couples were forbidden.

Same-sex marriage (SSM) and civil unions Personal opinion does NOT justify stripping law-abiding citizens of their Fourteenth Amendment constitutionally guaranteed RIGHT to Equal Protection of the Laws.

those who are members of religious organizations who embrace the GLBT members of their congregation or the non-religious should have.

Read the opinion: Supreme Court rules states cannot ban same-sex marriage

Jun 26,  · Changing Attitudes on Gay Marriage Public opinion on same-sex marriage In Pew Research Center polling inAmericans opposed same-sex marriage by a margin of 57% to 35%.

A personal non intelligent opinion on same sex marriages
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